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From DIY CO2 planted tanks to the full works with injectors, diffusers, etc. and there's only one place to find that. If it's about CO2, then it can all be found here.
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How to choose a CO2 Regulator Brand?
Iím in the market for a new CO2 regulator. From what I can understand, the prebuilt regulators specifically for planted tanks are of questionable quality and may be overpriced. What brand(s) do you have, what have your experiences been, and what would you recommend?
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What's the CO2/pH/KH relationship?
I have hard tap water with a high pH (~8.3) and KH (10+). From what I can understand this means that I can only bring my pH down somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.6 without having too high of a CO2 concentration in my tank. Is this correct, and can anyone suggest a good pH/KH/CO2 calculator or table?
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Help with my CO2 setup
Iím currently getting my pressurized CO2 setup going, and from what I can understand, standard airline tubing is not advisable for CO2. Can someone explain why exactly this is, and what should be used instead?
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CO2 Education
It can be argued about its validity in certain setups, but one thing that it cannot be argued is that planted tanks, in order to run efficiently and effectively need a little extra something to keep them healthy and happy. For those who do not use a pressurized CO2 setup then, you are not at fault as there are several successful planted tanks that can work fine without one, but for us serious folks, maybe it is time we learned a thing or two about CO2 and the role it plays in our tanks and...

CO2 Education

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