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One of the single most talked about topics in everything thatís tank. It is referenced in fish only tanks, planted tanks, and just about anything that has water and light.
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New Tank Algae Bloom
I just set up a new tank, and have a huge growth of what appears to be brown spot algae, green spot algae, and hair algae. I havenít cycled the tank sufficiently to add algae-eating fish, so am unsure of what I can do to get rid of it before it becomes a real problem. What might contribute to an algae bloom in a new tank, and how can I nip it in the bud?
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What's the deal with Diatoms in my tank?
I seem to have developed diatoms in my newish (2 months) tank, which are growing on my glass, hardscape and larger-leafed plants. What water parameters cause a diatom bloom, and how can I stave it off? As itís a newer tank Iím reluctant to add any algae eaters, but can anyone recommend diatom-eating species that would be compatible with a newly established tank?
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If it's not one type it's another...Ugh!
It always seems that whenever I spot one type of algae, I consistently see it appear with other types. What gives? Do they call each up on the algal-line and decide to throw a part in my tank? I seem to have developed a green hair algae problem in my tank. What contributes to the growth of hair algae, and what fish/invert species actually eat this stuff? Anyone have any tips/tricks for getting rid of it?
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Black Beard Algae
Lately my tank has developed black beard algae (BBA). What water parameters contribute to the growth of BBA, and what tips and tricks can you recommend for getting rid of it? Are there any fish or invert species that eat BBA? Is Flourish Excel effective?
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It is rarely mentioned when discussing algae control, but pH levels can really put a damper on your tank as a whole. The role algae play in the water is really related to an excess in most cases, typically phosphate, ammonia, or nitrate. Algae can really flourish in water where there are plenty of organic organisms present, so they have an ample supply of food. The threat algae pose can be detrimental to the life in your planted tank, as they directly affect the pH in your water....


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