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Finding the best aquascape to suit your planted tank needs can have a sophisticated approach. Drawing inspiration from others and learning in the process is what you can expect to find here in the aquascape everything section.
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Recommendations for foreground species?
I have a high-tech, high-light 100G long, and am looking at options for foreground/carpeting plant species. What recommendations does everyone have? I love baby tears (Hemianthus callitrichoides), but have had trouble with those in the past, so am also wondering if anyone has suggestions on propagation of this species, or of alternatives?
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Hardscaping how-to?
Iím currently working on my hardscape, and am wondering if thereís any info out there on how to form good base rock structures and place wood. Any advice here?
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Aquascaping Tools Help
Not sure if this goes here, but I am very new and currently in the research phase. I'm reading up on aquascaping tools. It seems like thereís an endless variety out there, but itís hard to determine what Iíll actually need and use regularly. Should I avoid certain types of tools depending on my selected hardscape? Anyone have some feedback on this, or any brand-specific recommendations?
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Introduction to Dutch Aquascaping
Complete Planted Tank Dutch Scaping Guide

Dutch styled planted aquariums are uniquely inspired by nature and are traditionally strictly defined. The traditional dutch aquascape arranges underwater plants and complementary groups that are unified to create a larger overall arrangement that is structured around subtle but rich contrasts and shapes and colors.

With a high density of plant life, a beautifully developed Dutch planted tank will incorporate a particular...

Introduction to Dutch Aquascaping

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Aquascaping Education
Well if youíve made it this far, chance are you know your way around a planted tank or two. You have your selected substrate, dialed in your CO2, lights are tuned, and now you are ready to give aquascaping a try.

So, what exactly is aquascaping?

Aquascaping is more of an art than a hobby. Think of a planted tank that has the perfect water chemistry and balance. Now think of that same tank jacked up with creative architectural steroids. That is aquascaping in a broad in your face...

Aquascaping Education

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