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Water chemistry is everything to the survival of individual plants, fish, and other aquatic species, so understanding the fertilization process is a great place to start when caring for your planted tank. Get help with your fertilization questions here. This includes dosing.
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Estimative Index for Fertilization?
Iím currently trying to develop my fertilization regimen and came across the estimative index (EI) for fertilization first implemented by Barr. Itís a lot to wrap your head around but seems like one of the more comprehensive regimens out there. What is your experience with this, and do you have any opinions one way or the other on a good fert schedule?
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Substrate vs. water column fertilization?
Please pardon my novice question here, but why is it necessary to fertilize both the substrate and the water column? And what types of ferts/regimens are recommended for each?
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PMDD Fertilization?
Iíve been reading about the PMDD method for water column fertilization, and am getting a lot of conflicting opinions. From what I have read, it seems that this method is somewhat outdated and that there might be better regimens out there. Thoughts?
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Fertilization Education
For those of us who have only experienced ďfish onlyĒ tanks, buying fertilizers for a planted tank could seem strange. Similar to how one would select their fish nutrients to ensure a thriving populous of swimmers and in order get an equally beautiful scape, you will need to ensure you are using the right fertilizers. For those starting out and are looking forward to getting solid growth rates like many of the photos you will come across on here, then you may want to take some time and get...

Fertilization Education

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