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Stop in and introduce yourself, maybe let us in on your experience, style and share a few planted tank moments with us. This is the general section that houses everything else that doesn't have an existing home.
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Planted Tank Source Posting Rewards
Posting Rewards

Here at the #1 Planted Tank source on the internet, we believe in rewarding those who exemplify a true passion for the art, hobby, and essence of all things tank, which is why we want to back to those who give to our members.

In order to participate in the rewards program, participants must sign up as a member of the site in order to track posts/responses.

What qualifies a post for the rewards program?

Great question, as it is hard to...

Planted Tank Source Posting Rewards

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General Education
It was not by chance you found us. In fact, it was our goal to get you here, whether you are an experienced aquarist or just starting out with your first planted tank, there are many things to consider. So many fascinating and useful skills to learn/apply in this wonderful hobby. From green thumb and fish care to design, art, and building, just to name a few.

Hobbies expand through passion, love, and the will to share. For these reasons planted tanks and aquascaping have been allowed to...

General Education

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