Acmella repens

While capable of growing without CO2 supplementation, optimal growth more or less requires it.

  1. shabbir
    Plant Type:
    Width: 4 - 5 cm
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
    5-40 mg/l
    18 to 30 °C
    Repens of the Acmella genus is referenced by numerous tags: Spilanthes Americana and Amcella oppositifolia var. repens to highlight a couple. Commonly found in saturated ditches and other frequently flooded or very wet areas. It belongs to the Asteraceae family and is a welcomed member to planted tanks.

    Repens do not need CO2 to grow, although it does help to provide some type of carbon dioxide supplementation to promote optimal growth. Under the correct conditions, a rigid upright growth at a moderate pace can be experienced, making it a great-tiered plant that is featured in many Dutch style aquascapes.

    With stronger lighting, a deep reddish stem with a violet flush will become dominant, other than that all growth will be green. There are no currently known nutrient sensitivities. A. repens can attract certain snails, resulting in unsightly affects.

    • Anthemis repens Walter
    • Acmella oppositifolia var. repens (Walter) R. K. Jansen
    • Spilanthes americana var. repens (Walter) A. H. Moore
    Acmella repens.jpg