Bi-Annual Aquascaping Competition

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    The rumors are true. Yes, the Planted Tank Source does conduct a bi-annual contest with prizes that will leave you picking your jaw up from the floor. The stipulations to the contest may vary, but of course, we’ll be sure to let you know if there are specifications outside these simple rules and guidelines. So what does it take to compete for kick-ass prizes?

    Bi-Annual Aquascaping Competition:

    The twice a year aquascaping competition is the holy grail of competitions here at Planted Tank Source. This is a competition all about demonstrating the total understanding of aquascaping.

    “Well, how easy is it to enter the competition?”

    I am so glad you ask! As with most competitions, there must be something to judge, and yes your hardwork and efforts will be at the forefront of this competition. There will be things to look for and to keep in mind when submitting your aquascape designs to the competition in order to avoid disqualifications or penalties. We will be providing guidelines for the basic styles of aquascape by which, tank designs must take into account when presenting their tanks. Make sure you also follow the small checklist below:

    All competition entries are to be submitted to this thread and under the appropriate contest tab.

    Unfortunately, let’s go ahead and clear the room of that ugly person in the corner. Submitting fake tank pics and use of other ill-intent methods to gain an advantage is not tolerated. Oh! And guess what! We pay people to make sure your tank submissions are legit, so save your integrity because we will definitely put you on BLAST to let everyone know of your great craftsmanship.

    Now that’s out of the way, let’s finally get down to how to enter:

    1. One an index card or an equivalent, write down the following information-
    • Your Member Username
    • Style or Type of Design
    • The words, “Planted Tank Source” across the top of the index card
    • Angle (From the left, from the right, top, front, etc.)
    2. One design entry per a member (some may run multiple scapes and tanks) You can enter each one, but they much each have their own submission for entry.

    3. Each entry must include a minimum of 3 clear photos from different angles. The more photos taken from different angles will allow for a more accurate assessment of the overall tank, design, and quality.

    4. We also would like for each entry to include a description of their entry. It does not have to be as long as a journal entry, but should at least inform the judges of what they are looking at and what you feel is the most important part of the design. Just like for the photos, the more information you provide about your aquascape, the more accurate you can be judged. Some examples could be to provide an explanation of your design, plants used, livestock (if applicable), substrate, and other aspects that were used to create the design, from a material point of view.

    Seems easy, 4 simple steps get you entered for a chance to win some pretty sweet prizes.

    Just to make sure we are all on the same page let’s look at what the entry card spots are about:

    Member Username- This seems pretty straightforward. What’s the name other members see when you make a post to the forum. This is not a trick question J

    Style or Type of Design- This refers to the design of your aquascape. Is the

    by electing a target style (Dutch, Nature, Jungle, Iwagumi, etc.), providing a few clear photos (or a clear video) of your scape from different angles

    What 1st Place Gets-

    A complete Ada system (Nano tank with Aquasky light, Ada Amazonia, Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm heater, and an Eheim canister filter)

    Quarterly Journal Competition:

    Just as it sounds, these competitions will feature entries from the Photobook section and this competition goes down 4 times a year, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to get. The winners of these competitions are judged based on the level of detail the submission went in on their Planted Tank Journal.

    How to Enter-

    Entry into this competition is automatic and based on the activity shared in your photobook “Journal.” In order for a photobook to be considered for entry, these will come down how detailed you have made your journal. What substrate, dosing mixture, plants, fish, etc. are you using in your tank? How long has this tank been set up? If it is new, were pictures and start-up details shared? Rules are pretty much the same, and your tank’s credibility will be reviewed to vet out anyone using fake images or scraping journals from other sources. If you have a journal posted somewhere else, additional verification will be needed in order consider your tank for entry.

    What Does 1st Place Get-

    1st pace will receive a standard prize, which will be announced at the start of the quarter. Additionally, winners will receive progression and placement badges to show-off.

    Monthly Shout Outs:

    This last monthly badge-based competition is rewarded to the most active new member of the month. The ideal winner will be a steady contributor, one that demonstrates understanding/learning, and will also have started a photobook. Each month we will select a winner and present them with the JabberJaw badge. It is a one-time badge that can only be awarded to contributors whose membership is newer than 3 months old.

    What Does 1st Place Get-

    1st place of this monthly competition will receive the Jabberjaw badge.
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