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Discussion in 'Algae' started by loveaqua, Oct 28, 2017.

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    It always seems that whenever I spot one type of algae, I consistently see it appear with other types. What gives? Do they call each up on the algal-line and decide to throw a part in my tank? I seem to have developed a green hair algae problem in my tank. What contributes to the growth of hair algae, and what fish/invert species actually eat this stuff? Anyone have any tips/tricks for getting rid of it?
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    Green Hair algae are an extremely tricky type of algae to deal with. With Green hair algae or hair algae in general, it usually grows suspended in the water, and not on the sides of the tank, making it difficult to clean up. It usually develops due to an overuse of nitrates and phosphates within the tank, as well as exposure to lights, or overexposure.

    For continued prevention, make sure not to overfeed your tank, as well as change water frequently. Water changes 50% a week is perfectly fine. The big thing about changing out your water is that a simple water change will not cure the problem, just mask it. Make sure that in addition to large water changes you increase flow in your tank and reduce light.

    Lighting should always start low and over time you can tweak it till you find balance.
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