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    Posting Rewards

    Here at the #1 Planted Tank source on the internet, we believe in rewarding those who exemplify a true passion for the art, hobby, and essence of all things tank, which is why we want to back to those who give to our members.

    In order to participate in the rewards program, participants must sign up as a member of the site in order to track posts/responses.

    What qualifies a post for the rewards program?

    Great question, as it is hard to determine the level of true value that has been received from the post, but we are going to implement a weight system for posts. So, what types of post are featured in this program:

    Personal Tank Photo Journaling

    Journal Posting

    Forum Section Question/Answer

    Personal Tank Photos- While posting an incredible photo of your tank is great, having a brief explanation about it can do wonders and let us, readers, know more about what we are looking at. If you are looking to gain points through chronicling your tank, remember that posts themselves are weighted and not certain types of post. At the end of the day, it is about providing value and connecting. The more in-depth you get, the heavier your individual post will weigh. In order to be considered for rewards, images must be clear and a meaning attached to the picture to indicate what the reader is viewing or should be looking for.

    Journal Posting- This falls in line with the above post, but for journals, detail is an expected commodity with the addition of a full-tank shot. In order for a post to be considered a journal, it should have a clear beginning, setup steps, and completed phases, that are documented and photographs. Journals, due to their size and nature, naturally carry more weight, but there’s a catch. If you have created a journal for the tank on a different forum, you will be required to tweak your content instead of copy/paste articles. You can you your same images if alternates are not available. You will get initial rewards for the creation of a unique journal and then additional points over time if you continue to maintain the journal.

    Forum Q/A- In order to get credit for answering questions on the forum is to provide legitimate and accurate responses. Since these are smaller posts, these carry the least amount of weight, but are the most beneficial, simply because there are more of these available. In order to track progress and to ensure fairness, quality, and accuracy, each post will be reviewed by our team to ensure it meets requirements and then posting points will be assigned for each qualified post. Post of substantial length and in-depth technical information has potential to be worth up to 5 points, and are usually awarded to journal entries and detailed photobooks.

    Rewards are awarded once a user has demonstrated a quantitative satisfaction in regards to the reward guidelines and requirements.

    Ribbon Names: Ribbons are given to those who have obtained a predetermined goal. Some ribbons have rewards attached and others are awarded as trophies for completing certain tasks.

    Tier Class: Tier Class is a categorical title awarded based on the overall contribution of a member. Higher tiers have additional posting features and article posting access.

    Posting Role: A user’s posting role is a community indicator that lets other users know your level of involvement and knowledge on the community topic.

    Posting Requirement: This refers to the set goals that the Planted Tank Source have deemed fair for each ranking system and reward programs.

    Reward: This indicates the intended reward for a user, once they have met certain obligations set by the Planted Tank Source.


    Rewards are somewhat subjective. For example, if you don't want a bag of purigen we can supplement other rewards of equivocal value. Once you reach your milestones, send us a pm with your thoughts and we will try to accomodate!

    Users who have earned rewards will be contacted by a member of our team via private message with instructions to follow in order to receive your earned rewards. Since posts are manually vetted to avoid plagiarism and quality, there may be a slight delay in the total number of posts you see until each post is verified and will then be credited to the users posting total.
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