Aciotis Acuminifolia

Aciotis Acuminifolia
Plant Type:
Stem; Red Accents, Best found in Midground
Height: 10 - 40 cm; Width: 7 - 8 cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
20 to 40 mg/l
18 to 30 °C

Categorized under the Aciotis genus, the acuminifolia is known as the first aquarium based plant from this particular family, brought into the US from South America(Brazil) in 2005. This plant limits its growth to upright only, consisting of 4-edged stems and offer a variety of green, yellow, and reddish hues in submersed settings, with a pale red underlining.

Stronger lights bring a more intense red color. This species can easily flourish outside of water and is relatively simple with high levels of air humidity. When used in an aquarium, this plant requires a generous nutrient supply, mildly soft water, ample lighting, a strong supply of CO2, in order to grow properly. Failure, results in constricted leaf growth, leading to the curling of leaves, stunting of growth, stagnation of growth, or even a total meltdown can occur.

As with most stem plants, clipping of the upper portion will lead to the sprounting of stronger shoot development in the lower portion that remains. Substrate does not appear to have a significant impression on the growth of this plant. With time this plant will create a complexed root system that widely spreads along the substrate.


  • Spennera acuminifolia Mart. ex DC.
  • Melastomataceae sp.
  • Melastomataceae sp. ''Sao Francisco''

Trader names [?]:

  • Sao Francisco Irecienu

Misapplied names:

  • Acisanthera sp.