Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'

Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'
Plant Type:
Stem, Accent (red), Midground, Nano tanks, Street (Dutch style), Foreground, group
Height: 5 - 30 cm; Width: 5 - 10 cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
10-40 mg/l
4 to 30 °C / 17 to 25 °C (optimal)

Alternanthera reineckii "rosaefolia minor" is the elite, dwarf version of the A. reineckii species that grows very low-growing compact bushes whenever they are grown in an underwater aquarium. It takes on a color that is deep brownish-red, a color comparable to A. reineckii 'Rosa'. That means this is one of the very few red-colored plants that you will find to properly be places in the foreground. It became well known in Europe, around 2007; the exact origins of this plant remain unknown, but it is very much identical to Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'.

When grown while being submerged under water, A. reineckii "rosaefolia minor" takes on a very attractive appearance very similar to the emersed versions of other variations of the A. reineckii, mainly because it develops pretty long stems that have elongated internodes. The breathtaking dwarfed growth routine, decorated with stunted internodes, is best grown in the submersed form. The short stems will grow a maximum of 20 cm long, but it will grow various lateral shoots that make the plant look bushy, along with several "aerial" roots, which don't take away from the beauty, though. The demand the plant has in terms of cultivation are comparable to most other varieties of A. reineckii, which is that it requires moderate to high lighting, temperatures maintained between 22-28 °C, a sufficient supply of CO2 and the constant feeding of nutrients.

When being grown while submersed, A. reineckii "rosaefolia minor" grows much slower and so, its reproduction rate is low as well. The population is able to double in 6 weeks time. The best way to propagate the plant is to perform top or lateral shoot cuttings or you can separate the bushes.

Up until recently, this small Alternanthera has been mostly used in Dutch-style aquariums. This is mainly because of its stunning red contrast when positioned next to green plants that are of low to medium height and creates an optical counterpart to the higher-growing red plants that are generally situated at some distance. In the "Asian" style nature aquarium, this plant is hardly ever been used. However, it could possibly prove to be an attractive red accent in a group of Staurogyne repens, which is a plant that has a leaf form that is similar, but instead, it has a fresh green color.


  • Alternanthera reineckii ''rosaefolia minor''