Ammannia praetermissa

Ammannia praetermissa
Plant Type:
Stem, Accent (red), Midground
Height: 10 - 15 cm, Width: 4 - 9 cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
25-40 mg/l
15 to 31 °C / 22 to 28 °C

The Ammannia praetermissa is a small red herb plant that dwells in the marshes of West Africa and is usually found submersed underwater. The vibrant red color of the plant is not very popular in the trade of aquarium keeping, mostly blamed on the extreme difficulty of maintaining this plant long-term. Nonetheless, you can easily find this important plant in Southeast Asia, as it is readily available in various stores. The difficulties in growing this beautiful stem plants are found in the intensive lighting and consistent CO2 injection that it requires. The plan also requires a severely consistent and disciplined fertilization routine that feeds excessive levels of phosphate, nitrate and iron. But because that is an aquamarine ecosystem that is not normally employed, it is very rare to see a person attempting the cultivation of this plant, and even when they are, it is very labor intensive.


  • Nesaea praetermissa Kasselm.
  • Nesaea sp.
  • Nesaea spec.
  • Nesaea sp. 'Red Leaved'

Misapplied names:

  • Nesaea crassicaulis