Aponogeton boivinianus

Aponogeton boivinianus
Plant Type:
Height: 30 - 80 cm; Width: 30 - 50 cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
5-40 mg/l
16-33 °C / 22-26 °C (optimal)

The Aponogeton boivinianus plants are large and strong, so they will only thrive in large-size aquariums. This global plant comes from Madagascar, and rapid moving rivers and streams. They can grow leaves that are as large as 80 cm long and 50 cm wide. You can tell the new from the old leaves because the old ones are a deep and dark green color while the younger leaves have a Lighting: a green color that almost looks brown until they become developed completely. One distinguishment that is very well known about this plant is that it needs a dormant. In which it will not produce leaves and requires patience. In some cases, it may require that the plane is removed from the water for a period of time so that it may be able to rests in order to help the plant make it through this static state, but that is why this is a plant that demands attention in order for it to thrive.