Aponogeton Ulvaceus

Aponogeton Ulvaceus
Plant Type:
Rosette ; tuber
Max height: 35-40 cm (somethimes 1m)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
10 to 40 mg/l
18 to 34 °C (tolerance) / 24 to 28 °C (Optimum)

Aponogeton ulvaceus is a stout plant which needs large tanks with a good water surface. The leaves are translucent, bright green with a narrowed leaf base,and are normally 20-50 cm long (sometimes even as much as 100cm at optimum growth conditions), 3-10 cm huge and wavy on the sides. The primary shape of Aponogeton ulvaceus is quite rare, and are hybrids.

As many other Aponogetons this plant requires a period of relaxation. During winter season, cut off the roots and leaves and put it into unwashed sand in flowerpots in cold water for two months in a dark area. Or much less circumstantial, put the tuber in a flowerpot on the windowsill collectively with an ordinary plant, which doesn't dries out. After this period of relaxation, position it back into the tank.