Hydrocotyle verticillata

Hydrocotyle verticillata
Plant Type:
Height: 2-8+ cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
20 to 40 mg/l
15 - 25 °C (59 - 77°F)

Hydrocotyle verticillata is a foreground plant with leaf shape that looks very similar to mushrooms.

This plant can be grown emersed or submersed. When placed at the edge of ponds or in marshy areas, the growth rate will be quite fast. In the aquarium when the plant is submersed the growth rate will be really slow. If kept under bright lighting, the plant will be low growing and will form a carpet but if the lighting is medium the stems will grow taller.

This plant is classed as a weed when it grows naturally and it can be found extensively over a wide area of the Americas. The secret to a healthy plant is to get the lighting level correct, if the lighting is too low then the growth will be long and leggy with little strength in the stems, brighter lighting will ensure shorter growth but much stronger stems.

The beauty of this plant is the unusual shape of the leaves which resemble small parasols and make a great feature in the planted aquarium. It creates an unique look for the layout.