Master Guide to Aquascaping Part 2 of 2

Master Guide to Aquascaping Part 2 of 2

Chapter 7: How to Tap into creative Genius for your next Aquascape

Within the last chapters, we have discussed the pros and cons of each different type of aquascape, and how they differ from each other. From the standard, calm, and organized Dutch style, to the chaotic, yet deep jungle style, to the Japanese Iwagumi style that combined traditional gardening with underwater rock gardening, we have covered almost all different types. In this chapter, we will discuss how to combine all the knowledge and information at your disposal to create a unique, original, and appealing Aquascape that you, as well as any other viewers, will enjoy for years to come.


Always remember, these are just rough estimates and a rough guideline to lighting control and optimal plant growth. Depending on your own tank and your choice of plants, the light index and exposure rates can vary drastically. Always make sure that you are checking the PAR values for each plant, and that you are regularly checking up on your plants as well. Although timers will help in maintaining and helping plants grow, if you do not check on them at regular intervals, you can easily miss certain mistakes and problems that are easily treatable at early stages.