Narrow Leaf Chain Sword (Echinodorus Tennelus)

Narrow Leaf Chain Sword (Echinodorus Tennelus)
Plant Type:
Max height: 50 cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
10 to 40 mg/l
20-30 °C

Echinodorus bleheri is the most popular Amazon Sword species among aquarists, fundamentally the same as Echinodorus amazonicus, however the leaves are more extensive and can be straight.

Can be utilized alone as a highlight in smaller tanks and, when there is space, in gatherings. Broadleaved Amazon Swordplants is undemanding, simple to develop and not light requesting so this plant is prescribed for beginners.

One single plant can have up to 30 leaves and one leaf can achieve a tallness of 30-50 cm and develop to be 4-8 cm wide. The leaves are solid and strong and sound plants build up a brilliant to dull green hue.

It can grow both underwater and also coming above the water. Immersed leaves are shorter and not as restricted as the submersed leaves. It is prescribed to trim its long leaves intermittently.

They do well in fine, iron-rich substrates, so provide a good source of iron, both in the substrate and through liquid fertilizers.

Proliferation is very simple by adventitious plants that develop at the parent plant. At the point when the new plant is sufficiently big, just cut it from the parent plant.