Sword Altlansberg (Echinodorus Sp. Altlandsberg)

Sword Altlansberg (Echinodorus Sp. Altlandsberg)
Plant Type:
It will grow between 5 – 10cm in length
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
10 to 40 mg/l
75-82° F (24-28° C)

Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' is an interesting new Sword Plant with colourful leaves that will be an extraordinary addition to your aquarium. It is equally appealing both immersed and submersed.

In the immersed variety, it shows numerous deep crimson veins running the full duration of the leaf with the mid vein being the most prominent. The leaf coloration is a tan to green and cordiform in shape. The immersed growth shape of this aquarium plant is very compact, which makes a pleasing potted plant. Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' also produces flowers profusely in this type and displays an inflorescence with numerous big delicate white flowers and sooner or later plantlets.

The submersed form is equally attractive, however unique in its own way. The leaves are darker tan in colour and the deep purple veins are not as pronounced within the aquarium. The leaves are larger and extra sensitive and are barely wavy. The submersed form is compact and relatively gradual growing, eventually being bigger in size, becoming of a middle piece plant for the aquarium. Like most Sword flowers in the aquarium, Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' will sooner or later positioned out surfaces leaves and an inflorescence on the surface.

This plant was discovered and hybridized by Tomas Kaliebe from Germany and is new to the American market.