Introduction to Shrimp Education

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    Growing interests are happening in planted tank communities everywhere. The elegant water dancing of the fluidly moving shrimp is becoming more noticed. Farmers, breeders, and enthusiasts of all kind are looking into shrimp tanks.

    Some species of shrimp are known to be killer algae busters, maintaining and keeping nasty algae at bay, and there are those that just like to add to the waste pile. While there is a ton of shrimp variations in both fresh and saltwater, we will start the discussion mentioning four of the most popular species that are well known for their algae cleaning skills or their breeding habits.

    Basically, when it comes to creating a populous of shrimp, there are two main types that almost every aquarist will mention. Whether you are looking for some activity in your planted tank or looking to set up a shrimp-breeding tank, Red Cherry Shrimp and Crystal Red Shrimp are well know in the aquatic community, mainly for their abilities to exponentially expand or reproduce.

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