Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula)

 Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula)
Plant Type:
Terrarium/Carnivorous Rosette
Max Growth (approx): 3 - 10 cm long stems.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2):
5 to 40 mg/l
60°- 90°F (15°- 32°C)

In order to make Venus fly trap care easier, make it a terrarium. An old aquarium makes a good housing for the plant if you cover it. This encourages humidity and moisture retention and you can allow insects to fly around inside for the plant to catch. Line the inside with TWO parts sphagnum moss and one part sand. The Venus fly trap can then be placed in an east- or west-facing window with high indirect lighting.

Venus fly trap is a rosette form with four to six leaves that are hinged and able to close. They are tinged a rosy pink on the edges and secrete an attractive nectar. The edges of the leaves have numerous fine sensitive cilia. When an insect touches the cilia the leaf closes and traps the insect. Special digestive juices disintegrate the insect and the plant feeds on the insects bodily fluid.